Thursday, May 18, 2006

Are You A District 2 Resident?

Get to know your district! I know this City of Miami district map is really blurry. Miami neighborhoods are not written in stone but maybe the following may help. If you live in Coconut Grove, Brickell, The Upper East Side, Key Biscayne, Morningside, Edgewater, Downtown, eastern portions of The Roads, Overtown, East Little Havana, The "Design District"- you're probably a City of Miami District 2 Resident. This district is among the most diverse in Miami.

While it includes the most affluent areas of the city, it also consists of working class and marginalized communities of eastern Wynwood/Design District, Edgewater, West Grove, Overtown and portions of expanded Little Haiti. The district includes most of the financial and government offices of the city and county as well as the majority of the cultural centers. Not only does this district contain the oldest parts of the modern settlements that make the city, it is also home to ancient Native American settlements, including some which have been inhabited continuously for thousands of years, before and after the establishment of the City of Miami.

The more you know about District 2, you will be even more convinced that this district deserves better than the gross incompetence, embarrassing antics and utter lack of responsiveness that has defined Commissioner Johnny Winton's tenure.

We urge comments and welcome articles. This is YOUR voice. Send your favorite googled bits of media reported arrogance, misdeeds and unresponsiveness, as well as anecdotes from your own life that further illustrate why "Winton must go". (And for the record, the blogspot address "letsgetridofthisclown" anticipates that there are a few more clowns in our city that need to go too.)

P.S. Special thanks go to Rick, who gave the initial kick to get this underway.